Tape, disk or cloud

Backing up data to local data carriers versus cloud backup


The benefit of disks as a backup medium is primarily that, in the event of data loss, the data can be recovered very quickly. The data only has to be copied back.


Tapes are still used for backup purposes. They are cost-effective, consume less electricity than discs and facilitate a very fast backup speed.


The reasons for backing-up to the cloud are:

  • The backup is stored remotely from the production data
  • The cost of maintenance is not borne by the company
  • The capacity can be seamlessly expanded

Ultimately, the backup data is saved to media on the archive level. In so doing, security must be ensured, fast-restoration of the data is important, the process should not be complex and the cost must remain within acceptable limits.

Local solutions frequently make sense if it is possible to continue using an existing infrastructure and hardware needs to be amortised.