Data backup

Backup - your insurance policy against loss of data

Complexity and inconsistencies within IT infrastructures often place corporate data security at risk. In order to ensure the permanent availability of business-critical data, an intelligent backup strategy is needed which precisely addresses the specifics of the environment to be backed up:


The backup solution must be capable of reliably backing up all operating systems, visualisation platforms, applications and databases that are used, together with the data itself.


The speed of the backup process becomes a decisive criterion, especially where simultaneous backups - or even real-time backups - are needed around the clock.


Efficient deduplication minimises the network load - and the required storage capacity - when large volumes of data are involved.

Backup strategy
The way to an appropriate backup strategy. Which factors must be evaluated?

Backup type
Intelligently combined: From incremental backup to complete backup.

Backup media
Tapes are a thing of the past. What is the case for NAS and what are the benefits of the cloud?
Erprobte Lösungen
Tried and tested solutions
To create ideal backup solutions we have formed alliances with well-known manufacturers.

Guaranteed service quality
Different areas of application require varying levels of security. We will create the service package in accordance with your requirements.

Clevere Finanzierung
Clever financing
Tailor-made financing solutions take the pressure off your balance sheet and facilitate greater flexibility when making a new purchase.