The contents are what really matters

Content production and management/h2>

Professionally designed digital signage solutions replace most conventionally produced advertising and information material such as placards, posters, brochures, price lists, etc.

Advantage: The advertising material can be replaced and optimally scheduled at the touch of a button. Production time and costs are eliminated, as is disposal.

We are more than happy to advise you so that you achieve your desired effect with digital signage media.

Graphic design

Graphic work puts an advertising message in the right light. Depending on the location, different laws for the digital content must be taken into consideration. We rely on a network of graphic designers, photographers, video makers and experienced content developers who are able to use the medium ideally for your customers.

Screens for changing content

In most cases, display templates are the ideal form for frequently changing offers at the point of sale. Have our specialists create the templates to suit your customers’ requirements and in compliance with the corporate design. Your customer will then replace product pictures, texts and prices for their current ranges with minimal effort.

Link to various sources

Include news feeds, weather feeds and so on in your project’s content and, in so doing, ensure that the information is up-to-date at all times. You also establish the connection to digital agendas, enterprise management systems or other content sources for your customers; simply rely on our expertise.

Content management

If you do not want to manage the contents yourself, then we’ll do it for you. We create the screen layouts and playlists, design the schedules and feed the playout systems with contents.