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ComNet® GmbH Gets High-Capacity Backup and Easy Implementation with the Western Digital 4U60 Storage Platform


Company Profile

Founded in 1990, ComNet is a cloud computing provider that operates a data center in Wuerselen, Germany. It offers “Private Cloud” and hosted application services to a variety of companies and industries, including tax consultancies, law firms and healthcare providers.



A Manual Approach to Backup Storage

Manual management of HDDs were time-consuming and cumbersome. ComNet’s backup system was also running out of storage capacity.

Among its services, ComNet provides backup and archiving for clients with IT infrastructure and applications hosted in its data center. For example, if a system experienced data corruption or loss, the client would turn to ComNet for a full restore.

The backups were stored on HDDs that ComNet staff managed manually. They had to regularly move the drives back and forth between locations and occasionally replace failed drives. All of this took time and effort. Furthermore, the capacity of the existing drives was running out. So ComNet decided to source additional HDDs for the backup system.


Western Digital 4U60 Integrated Storage Platform

The Western Digital 4U60 Storage Platform, a pre-tested solution that offers streamlined capacity expansion and easy maintenance.

They met with representatives from their preferred drive vendor Western Digital. ComNet was already satisfied with the high reliability and competitive pricing of Western Digital Ultrastar® drives and knew they wanted to stay with those products. After hearing the requirements, Western Digital recognized that ComNet would benefit from not just additional drives, but an integrated platform that could simplify installation and ongoing management.

They proposed the Western Digital 4U60 Storage Platform, a high-capacity, enterprise-class solution that is fast to deploy, pre-qualified with a broad range of capacity points and featuring hot-swappable components. ComNet was impressed and decided to purchase a 4U60 Storage Platform with 480TB1 of capacity.(One GB is equal to one billion bytes and one TB equals 1,000GB (one trillion bytes) when referring to storage capacity. Accessible capacity will vary from the stated capacity due to formatting and partitioning of the hard drives, the operating system and other factors.)


Simple, Smooth and Quick

Simplified capacity expansion and ongoing management.

The 4U60 Storage Platform was installed in the ComNet data center and set up as the primary target for long-term backup storage – i.e. data stored for more than one week. Now backup data is sent directly to the platform, where it remains. ComNet staff no longer needs to shuffle drives around and spend time on manual activities. ComNet® GmbH Gets High-Capacity Backup and Easy Implementation with the Western Digital 4U60 Storage Platform

“It was simple, smooth and quick to implement in the existing environment,” said Dennis Aretz, Sales Manager for ComNet. “Everybody is quite impressed with how well it’s working and how easy it is.”

Another benefit of the 4U60 Storage Platform is that it can be readily expanded by adding drives or additional enclosures. As backup requirements grow in the future, ComNet is prepared to handle it.