Accurate color results thanks to consistent color management

Accurate color work results throughout the entire workflow

Over the past years, the demands on the creative industries in regard to color management have continued to increase. Companies are aware of the importance of their brand colors and do not tolerate any deviations. Advertising and graphics agencies today can no longer do without consistent color management in their workflow.

We show you what's important and what products and applications will help you to achieve the best results.

Farben managen
Managing colors
Color management ensures a standardized color behavior . This is achieved through specific configuration of the graphics software and the calibration as well as profiling of input and output devices.

Color Calibration
Color calibration measures the color resistance of a device and adjusts it to a specific state.

Farbkonsistenter Workflow
Color consistent workflow
Consistent color management requires the use of selected input / output devices and qualitative sensors.

Practice transfer
For demanding projects, benefit from our services and a network of competent technology partners.

Financing models
Customized financing solutions take pressure off the balance sheet and also provide you with more flexibility for new equipment purchases.

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