Product selection for professional color management

Profiling devices and hardware calibration monitors

By working with selected input / output devices and supplemental measuring devices, you establish the necessary conditions for a consistent color management process.

Comprehensive collection of the best profiling tools

x-rite is a global leader in color science and technology. The company, which also operates Pantone Inc., develops and manufactures innovative color measurement systems and software for a variety of vertical markets.

EODIS3 Projector

The i1 Display Pro by x -rite is an unmatched precision multi-function device for the most demanding users. It is used to calibrate and profile any type of projector or monitor. (Notebook to Desktop).

The i1 Display Pro is has a functional design with all components integrated directly, so that nothing is lost. It performs three important functions: Measurement of the ambient light , monitor and projector profiling.

  • IIntuitive device, easy to use
  • High speed measurement
  • Compact, integrated product design
  • Accurate color measurements with user-defined RGB filter system
  • The optical system allows for repeated measurements on a single monitor, as well as between multiple monitors
  • Rotatable diffuser arm can be used as a stand for projector profiling, ambient light measurement, and as a cover for instrument optics
  • Integrated tripod mount for projector profiling in larger venues

X-Rite i1Profiler-Software

i1Profiler color management software offers two user modes: "Basic" and "Advanced". "Basic" mode offers a wizard driven interface with predefined options for the quickest path to professional on-screen color. In "Advanced" mode, several options can be set manually. Every workflow is different, manual settings are particularly suitable for demanding users who require the highest possible monitor and projector color quality.







Strong focus on color

As the visual basis for most decisions, the monitor plays a significant part in color management. The award-winning display series SpectraView by NEC Display Solutions is the ideal choice for color critical applications.

professionelles Farbmanagement

This hardware calibration capable monitor series is equipped with a 10 bit P-IPS panel that reproduces 1.07 billion colors and 99 percent of the Adobe RGB color space. Due to its extremely even color reproduction, high resolution, and impressive size, the monitor is perfect for the most demanding pre-press and soft-proofing applications, as well as color critical image and video processing. Performing intense work on the monitor is made easier by the generous display area and ergonomic characteristics of the Spectraview. Height adjustable up to 150 mm, it also offers landscape and portrait orientation.