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How luxury hotel planning and conversion specialist Katara Hospitality has used REDDOXX to optimize its e-mail management


The Schweizerhof in Bern, the Bürgenstock Resort near Lucerne or the Hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne: Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG is the operator company, handling the development, planning and conversion projects for exclusive traditional hotels.

On the IT side, the company relies on virtual architecture based on VMware. In particular, top-performing e-mail infrastructure is essential for sending and receiving building plans, drawings and concepts within the company and for exchange with contractors.

Katara Hospitality

Up to 2010, Katara was beset with difficulties whenever it had to search for an e-mail from the more distant past.


An especially important aspect was that e-mails had been insufficiently available in the past. The aim was to be able very quickly to trace and open e-mails received or sent months or even years earlier.


User convenience was also high on the agenda. The IT Department were on the lookout for a solution which even inexperienced users could use immediately without major training, induction or support efforts. As far as possible, the solution should integrate seamlessly with the existing IT infrastructure, to save employees having to change from their habitual work patterns.


In view of the steadily rising data volume, the managers of Katara Hospitality were also keen to implement a system which use storage resources as economically as possible. They sought to avoid the superfluous increase of data volume they had hitherto incurred, for example, through local retention of identical e-mails with attachments in the mailboxes of several users.


To find the most suitable system, various e-mail archiving solutions were tested. In terms of range of functions, cost-effectiveness and user convenience, the REDOXX MailDepot solution from REDDOXX GmbH made an especially positive impression at the test stage. As soon as they saw the product, Almir and his team fell for its user-friendly interface. As the system fully met the other requirements, Katara Hospitality decided to implement it and began with a virtual REDDOXX appliance in summer 2011.

To deal with the problems of spam at the same time as archiving, REDDOXX Spamfinder was licensed, in addition to MailDepot. Spamfinder combines innovative filters with REDDOXX's patented CISS technology and authentication of hitherto unknown senders. This maximizes protection against unsolicited advertising messages. A plug-in connects the REDDOXX solution direct to the user's regular Outlook clients. As with an Internet search engine, users can search for e-mails by hit word. The automatic e-mail archiving, compliant the statutory requirements, simultaneously ensures that all incoming and outgoing e-mails are retained according to the regulations.


"We've greatly simplified the e-mail search function," reports Almir Kalender. "Full-text indexing, which includes file attachments, makes all mails available in a matter of seconds - nothing like the previous search, which was often time-wasting. Staff acceptance was very good from the outset, as they can work in their accustomed environment. From the compliance viewpoint, continuous central archiving guarantees that users cannot inadvertently delete important e-mails. That ensures the completeness of our e-mail archive. Both the workforce and the commercial and IT management are very satisfied with the solution."

The added advantages of REDDOXX MailDepot include relief of storage systems: the single-instance principle ensures that e-mails and, above all, their file attachments, copied to multiple recipients in the company via the cc function, are centrally archived just once. This reduces storage costs and contributes to a high-performing, lean infrastructure.

Almir Kalender, Group IT Manager der Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG at Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG, explains how matters stood at the time: "All users had set up local archives in their respective Outlook clients. There was no central retention of e-mails. Our main problem was that it was often very awkward to search for an e-mail from the more distant past. This was a clear disadvantage from the productivity viewpoint, as valuable working time was being wasted on these searches. Besides, it repeatedly emerged that e-mails had inadvertently been deleted and were therefore irretrievably lost. That was unacceptable where the messages documented arrangements for a construction project or a planning status, for example." Working with his IT supplier from 2011, Almir Kalender therefore began to look for a suitable archiving solution for the company as a whole. Apart from centralized e-mail retention, he set three fundamental requirements which had to be met.

The Project

Katara Hospitality
Switzerland AG

No central archiving
Long search and recovery times for e-mails

Virtuelle RX-250 Appliance
MailDepot Premium and Importer

Extra equipment

Scale of costs
REDDOXX Appliance RX-250, REDDOXX appliance RX-250, one year's subscription with spam filter and archiving, exclusive of implementation: EUR 7900

Servicing and maintenance costs
Annual subscription: EUR 950

Training costs
Not necessary

"We've greatly simplified the e-mail search function", points out Almir Kalender. Zug-based Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG is the company which operates the Swiss hotels owned by Katara Hospitality Ltd., of Doha, Qatar. The company develops and plans the concepts for the renovation, reconstruction and reopening of legendary hotels. Katara Hospitality Ltd. is responsible for world-famous hotels such as the Raffles, Singapore and the Buddha-Bar, Paris.

Katara Hospitality

REDDOXX is one of the leading manufacturers of e-mail management, e-mail security and archiving, with well over 2300 installations in Germany. The specialist provider's product lines serve companies of various sizes. They are thus matched to individual requirements - from small to medium-sized company and into the enterprise segment.

Apart from fulfilment of legal requirements, the central focus is on optimization of operating processes and relief of IT infrastructure. REDDOXX all-in solutions readily integrate with existing networks, without modifications. The client list of REDDOXX GmbH features many well-known companies, groups and public institutions. For professional service providers, system houses and ISPs, REDDOXX also makes it possible to implement their own, value-added services for their target groups, based on REDDOXX cloud technology. REDDOXX GmbH works from its German sites at Kirchheim/Teck and Hamburg with an international focus. It also has a worldwide network of distributors, technology partners and other co-operation arrangements.

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