Video Wall Solution Banque Cantonal Vaudoise

Manorial headquarters with new digital reception area

The Challenge

BCV (Banque Cantonale Vaudoise) has been anchored in the Canton of Vaud since 1845. As a cantonal bank, it serves the local inhabitants and businesses and places great importance on personal proximity to the customer.

For their headquarters at the Place Saint François in Lausanne, BCV was looking for a digital visualization solution to assume a representative and multi-functional role in the customer reception area. The objective was to find a polyvalent video wall solution that is easy to navigate and can be used flexibly according to the occasion.


Using a custom-built frame, 16 displays were elegantly set in scene as an element of style to define the image of the space. The almost frameless screens enable a full-scale display across the entire video wall, with no visual interference, thus presenting a harmonious, cohesive image.

axxiv Mura Control-PC

axxiv Control Center

The axxiv SVELT AX7901, a universal video wall computer, serves as the central control unit. This computer controls and manages the dynamically controllable layout of the video wall. The various inputs and outputs of the computer can be controlled independently of each other and allow for a variety of multimedia presentation types. Thanks to DVI video outputs to the control center, and the Full HD resolution of the displays, all content is presented in a crystal clear, brilliant picture quality.
The individual components of the axxiv control unit are designed for continuous operation, allowing the video wall to play various information channels round the clock .

Project integration:

MATRIX Resolution SA | Ch. Du Couchant 1 | CH-1007 Lausanne

The solution

In cooperation with the bank's in-house architect, Jean-Daniel Roulin, Head of Real Estate & Infrastructures, and Matrix Resolution SA in Lausanne, the first step was to conduct a comprehensive requirements analysis. In determining the optimal solution, the following criteria had to be considered:

  • Possibilities of video wall control
  • Flexibility of the respective systems
  • Capacity to display live pictures, signage system content, and other content in a mix and with almost no delay
  • open interface for future additional requirements


State-of-the-art graphics performance

Matrox® Mura™ MPX-4/4 video controller boards were selected as an uncompromising graphics solution for the control units. The MPX series is specifically designed for the dynamic control of high-performance video walls . The great strengths of the graphics controller include the fast and flexible switching of layouts as well as the almost unlimited addition of new sources during operation.

Another equally impressive feature is the almost delay-free scaling of live pictures across the entire number of displays or projectors. Once completed, a Matrox Mura based solution can simultaneously control up to a maximum of 40 screens. Scalability can be achieved by adding additional cards. This axxiv system is therefore already quite suitable for smaller video walls, e.g. 2x2 monitors, or 3 projectors in a row.

Intuitive control via iPad®

The free Matrox App MuraControl allows input sources to be switched and managed through an iPad®. The display of a simulated video wall lets the team control the wall intuitively and in real-time.