Digital Signage Software Overview

Only with content can a screen spring to life, and only with the right content can digital signage attract attention. The right software is essential for successful digital signage concepts. From simple usage through to implementing complex ideas, our portfolio covers everything.

With or without remote control, software as a service or on the local server, with endless possibilities or affordability and simplicity – get to know Samsung MagicInfo, Google Chrome and YCD Cnario. Despite the major differences between the various software available for digital signage applications, they all have one thing in common: they form the basis for high-quality display solutions to wow customers the world over.

Simple, efficient, cost-effective: Google Chrome enables the creation of robust digital signage projects.

Google Chrome

MagicInfo is a software compatible with Samsung SMART signage solutions.

Samsung MagicInfo

The Cnario Suite from YCD offers the freedom to set-up digital signage networks in accordance with specific customer requirements.

YCD Cnario

Product Google Chrome Samsung MagicInfo YCD Cnario
Technology Webbasiert Display mit integriertem
Player und Software
Web- oder LAN-basiert
Ideal application Entry Level Medium High End
Screens Individual screens
Simple layout
No simultaneous playback from different sources
Two / three screens
Extended layout
Simultaneous playback of various sources
Creative layouts
Simultaneous playback of various sources
Highlights Limited media support
Easy playback loop
Real-time status
Simpler remote access to the screens
Customizable software development kit
Extended interaction
Audience ratings
Open programming
Universal interfaces
User management
Personal workflows
Remote access
Automation of content management
Profound system monitoring
Content creation (Animation, Layering,
   Video Sequences) directly in CMS
System requirements Google Chrome Devices Samsung screens, the player is platform-independent. Windows player