Digital signage in gastronomy – Delicious food and great ambience

Modern and fascinating with a wealth of interactive experiences – Digital signage ensures lots of fun when cooking and indulging. How does that work? We had the opportunity to see for ourselves at a business event.

Content marketing in gastronomy

The Lee Fish Group in Sihlbrugg brings together a fishmongers, a bistro, a take away, and the “El Pescador” cookery studio with event location in a single location. The range comprises fresh seafood specialities and wild-caught fish from sustainably controlled waterbodies.

The company was looking for the right solution to stage this diverse service offer and the unparalleled kitchen quality in an attractive and modern way. Digital signage was the key to success – A tailored, digital display system that entertains guests while also serving as an information and guidance system.

Project Integration


ARP Schweiz AG
Birkenstrasse 43B, 6343 Rotkreuz

Info Tuch-Screen

Digitally staged catering concept

Leaving lasting impressions – but how? Naturally, in good taste. In addition to exquisite food, El Pescador focuses on warm hospitality, excellent quality and aesthetics. But that’s not all.

Just in time for the opening, Littlebit Technology developed a network-based digital signage solution in close cooperation with system integrator ARP and in coordination with an architect firm for restaurants and cooking schools, as well as Lee Fish Group. In combination with the stylish interior, the multi-touch displays really make the sales, cooking and eating area stand out.


The challenge

Food connects. And interactive cooking shows and courses are becoming increasingly popular.

Lee Fish Group wanted to install cameras and a screen right above the hob, so that people can watch the master chefs prepare 3-course meals with eagle eyes, and to record the guests’ cooking efforts. During planning activities and talks with the Fire Safety Department, it became apparent that a solution was needed that meets fire safety standards. The display would have to warrant long-term operation, even in the heat.

Packaging complex processes as straightforward as possible posed another challenge. Even amateurs with little technical knowledge should be able to operate the system intuitively. Live broadcasts and digital presentations required a strong signal.

Digital experience at the stove

The solution installed in El Pescador merges the art of cooking and helpful technology to create an unforgettable event for the guests.

Digital Signage Installation

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The narrow 55" NEC Display allows guests to learn the ropes from the master chefs, or sizzle it up themselves with all their might. 3 GoPro cameras film the flagship kitchen from different angles. The public display fitted with protective glass is pre-destined for public areas. It is robust, durable and well-protected against blows and impact.

For corporate events and festive occasions, images, films and presentation can be streamed directly from the laptop to the screen in full HD.
Samsung Large Screen

Welcome! Come this way.

Three all-in-one touch displays feature as welcome screens in the stairwell for guests arriving at Aopen. They facilitate orientation, highlight events, and guide visitors directly into the show kitchen. Every piece of information appears on all displays in real time.

Welcome Screen
The Aopen touch display at the fishmonger’s sales counter provides information about the business, its standards for sustainable fishing, and the origin of the fish while inviting guests to special fish cooking courses with fresh pasta, caviar cooking courses, and even fish grilling courses.
Informations Touch Screen
On each cooking island, guests are provided with Samsung tablets that offer visually appealing recipes with step-by-step instructions. The tablets act as digital cook books where recipes can be collected, organised and accessed in a convenient manner.
Digitales Kochbuch
The contents for the different displays in the network is managed and displayed via Google Chrome. The user-friendly solution offers El Pescador staff flexibility in arranging and replacing contents at any time, and in distributing it to the different screens. Operation could not be easier, and requires no technical knowledge.

The installation can easily be extended with additional displays. The GoPro cameras are directly connected to the 55 inch screen in the show kitchen. The direct connection ensures maximum signal strength, and enhances response times in content reproduction. The GoPro cameras are operated with remote control: switching them on or off; starting or ending video recordings, taking photographs or changing setting – everything can be done remotely with ease.
Digitales Kochbuch

Kulinarisches Culinary community experience

Are you planning a party, team or business event? We know from our own experience that the El Pescador show kitchen is perfect for these types of occasions. The facilities? Stylish and generous, with a lot of love for detail. The ambience? Cosy and relaxed.

Guest prepare exclusive gourmet meals at cooking island equipped to professional standards under the direction of the show chefs. From Scandinavian fish specialities to Italian or Moroccan fish recipes – Discover dishes from all around the globe, and indulge your taste buds with the creation immediate afterwards together with your friends or employees in a homely atmosphere.

El Pescador