Cinematic Experience of the Future

Impressive digital signage solutions for multiplex cinemas

NEC Display Solutions, Intel, YCD Multimedia and Littlebit Technology joined forces for the first time for the trade fair presence of Coca Cola at CineEurope 2015. The extremely constructive cooperation which saw every partner inject their specific expertise was most successful.


CineEurope is the largest European convention for movie theater operators and film distributors. It is the most important event for the whole branch.

CineEurope opened its doors from June 22–25, 2015 at the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB). It showed screenings of upcoming Hollywood movies and held informative seminars which were tied into an extensive convention.

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Digital Signage Konzept


The global corporation Coca Cola was the main sponsor of CineEurope 2015, the PAN-European convention for movie theater operators and film distributors. Coca Cola was on deck with an extensive lounge on the exhibition grounds which was the main meeting point for all visitors.

The Coca Cola booth showcased how modern, multiplexes are capturing the interest of moviegoers right at the main door with powerful digital signage solutions. State-of-the-art digital technology is not just being used in the actual theaters, but digital screen solutions are also being used for directions, ticket information, film promotion, menu displays and entertainment outside of the theaters.

In order to equip the imaginary, multiplex in a trendsetting way, Coca Cola was looking for partners who could turn the various areas into a multimedia experience using innovative digital signage solutions.


In order to meet the complex requirements, Littlebit Technology teamed up with YCD Multimedia, NEC Display Solutions and Intel for the project. Littlebit Technology has had good experience in the past with each of these reputable manufacturers in realizing projects.



YCD Multimedia

YCD Multimedia

Littlebit Technology AG

Littlebit Technology AG

CinéEurope 2015 Konzept

CinéEurope 2015 Konzept

With Concept in Hand

Together with Coca Cola’s marketing agency and the contracted booth constructor, the companies drew up a plan for authentically presenting digital signage solutions in movie theaters:

  • Directions to the individual theaters
  • Program and pricing information at the ticket desk
  • Digital movie posters
  • Large format video screens for presenting trailers
  • Food and beverages on offer in the restaurant
  • Till displays in the restaurant for additional sales

Suitable signage solutions for movie theaters came alive for movie theater operators. We took on the role of project management and overall coordination.

For the impressive event, NEC Display Solutions provided around 60 devices from its wide range of high quality displays and projectors. LCD displays measuring 46 – 80 inches were used and equipped in part with human sensors in order for the screen content to react to movements of visitors.

From our own computer line, axxiv, produced in-house, we designed suitable players which invisibly supplied the displays with animated content. Since the players are often found in a small space, we mainly used mini PCs based on Intel’s NUC (next unit of computing).

YCD Multimedia, the renowned digital media software specialist contributed the software licenses for the project and prepared the whole content for the trade show.

Digital Signage Gesamtkonzept

Entire concept

The entire concept is the result of the careful consideration given to all aspects of the current movie branch. Today, it is essential for movie theater operators that their guests linger for a longer period of time in the theater complex before and after the movie showing and consume.

The solutions showcased at CineEurope combine efficient procedures for a large numbers of guests with gripping entertainment and a lively atmosphere. In this way, the visit to the movie theater is an eventful and evening-filled outing.

The result is an overall concept which impressively brought effective digital signage installations to life for movie theater operators.

During the three days of the exhibition over 1500 professionals from the cinema industry paid a visit to CineEurope.

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