Swiss Lounge Airport Zurich

Making waiting time fly

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is the national airline of Switzerland. From its bases in Zurich and Geneva it serves 102 destinations in 46 countries. Swiss carries some 16 million passengers a year with its fleet of 95 aircraft.
In order to be able to offer its customers the best service on the ground too, the new Swiss Lounge was opened in Dock E of Zurich Airport at the beginning of 2016. The luxurious Business, Senator and First Class lounges extend over an area of 3,300m². Highlights such as the Champagne Bar and exclusive interior make waiting time fly for passengers.

we have designed an extremely impressive digital signage concept that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the SWISS Lounge.

Swiss Lounge Airport Zurich

From vision to integrated concept

May 2015 – the idea

An elegant lounge for Swiss International Airlines is to be created from the raw grey shell of Dock E at Zurich Airport. From the architectural design through technical installations to installing the furnishings – everything is aimed at contributing to a high quality interior. The objective is to improve service quality and further increase customer satisfaction. Business, Senator and First Class passengers should feel comfortable here, with a wonderful view over the apron and a stylish ambience. This is a place where irksome waiting time becomes valuable relaxation time.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for drawing attention to itself and enhancing communication. Technical highlights in the form of cleverly placed displays should therefore not be absent in the new lounge. Over 30 large-format displays are intended to delight, entertain and inform guests from around the world. In close cooperation with our long-term partners NEC Display Solutions and YCD Multimedia, we have designed an extremely impressive digital signage concept that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the SWISS Lounge.

This concept brings together hardware, software and sustainable maintenance in a single package. Further services such as delivery, assembly, commissioning, content management and training are an integral part of the solution.

Swiss Lounge Airport Zurich

Swiss Lounge Airport Zurich

Swiss Lounge Airport Zurich

A smooth workflow thanks to detailed project coordination

May to November 2015 – implementation phase

A total of 31 displays will be installed in the Champagne Bar, the Whiskey Lounge, the individual niches, the reception area and in the restrooms and these will round off the exclusive atmosphere with dynamic content. The hardware required for implementation is a combination of large format displays from NEC and individually configured players from axxiv. The software suite which controls the content comes from YCD Multimedia.


The various screens – in sizes from 32 to 55” – are recessed either horizontally or vertically into the niches especially constructed for the purpose in walls or furniture units, in order to create a harmonious overall impression. To ensure seamless service at all times during the lounge opening hours, only hardware designed for permanent 24/7 operation is used.

axxiv media player

An axxiv media player, based on the Intel NUC platform, is hidden behind each individual display and this delivers animated content. To control the video walls, each comprising three screens, powerful axxiv workstations are used.

YCD cnario Digitial Signage Suite

The high performance YCD cnario Digital Signage Suite, which is already used by the SWISS Internal Communication department and already delivers content to the majority of the screens at Zurich Airport, is the ideal platform for the desired solution. Decisive factors for the SWISS Lounge project include the centralised control of the overall content workflow, individual content modification using the web-based MediaManager, the highest level of reliability during playback, automatic monitoring of operations and remote management for the complete solution.

IT network

The first challenge arises following an exact analysis of the existing infrastructure. The displays are intended to be connected to the existing IT network at the SWISS Headquarters in Kloten. A server and the complete network are housed here and are managed by Reist Telecom GmbH. The Swiss Lounge, on the other hand, is connected to the airport’s network. So that the remote connection and operations monitoring can be handled by Littlebit IT Services it is also necessary to create a connection between Littlebit and the SWISS Lounge.

Connecting all of these different networks together requires a great deal of technical flair. Following successful configuration, SWISS is able to independently prepare and change the content to be displayed on the screens. The 24/7 monitoring service guarantees faultless operation and rapid reaction in the event of an emergency.

Performing the complete installation and integration within an extremely short period of time proved to be a challenging task, particularly in view of the many security aspects at the airport. But, thanks to well thought-out planning and effective resource management, it was still possible to master this and complete the project on time.

Swiss Lounge Airport Zurich

Making waiting time fly

February 2016 – opening

Today, the SWISS Lounge in Dock E invites the airlines’ many customers to come and pass the time waiting for their flights in the most pleasant surroundings and manner – not least because of the digital signage installation, which makes its own contribution to the stylish ambience. One of the particular highlights is the Whiskey Bar which incorporates the airport’s runway layout into its design. The bar’s integrated screens showcase the current offers.

  • Entertainment: When used as TV screens there is a wide selection of channels
  • Information: Departure times always in view
  • Advertising: Cleverly produced videos increase advertising partners’ sales

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Project integration

Littlebit Technology AG

Concept, implementation, installation,
mounting, monitoring and maintenance.

Caretta Weidmann

Construction supervision

Reist Telecom GmbH

Partner & IT SWISS

Flughafen Zurich AG

Airport network support