Volvo strengthens brand awareness and customer experience with digital signage

The fastest way to more brand presence and customer loyalty – enticing digital communication at the car show room.

Volvo’s Digital Showroom

No signs of dragon boats, Viking helmets, big bellies or tough warriors. The Swedish brand Volvo proves that not all Scandinavians are tough Vikings. Volvo’s innovations in the areas of vehicle and safety technology have played a leading part in the automotive industry for many years. Great design is not a luxury, it should be taken for granted. In line with their philosophy, the popular Swedish brand is now taking cultivation of its image to a new level and are ushering in the digital age at its dealerships.

The objective of our joint project with Volvo Car Switzerland and ARP Switzerland was to create a digital signage concept that would bring the brand’s traditional values and know-how to the fore. As well as interiors with a modern look, Volvo’s Swiss showrooms were to also score points on style, innovation and digital connectivity as well as to reflect the car manufacturer’s high standards of design.

VOLVO - Digital Showroom

Digital Signage totem as a flexible solution

Digital signage for a revolutionary buying experience

Is the sales proposition directed at individual customers? Is it linked to an unforgettable buying experience? Do all dealerships show the correct advertising campaigns in accordance with Volvo’s guidelines? These and many more questions were asked ...

With the use of traditional advertising mediums, such as print and posters, Volvo Car Switzerland was lacking control over its own marketing activities at the POS. The objective was to centralise the brand communication and to adapt it perfectly to various customer groups in Switzerland’s three different language regions. Also, the aim was to bring the brand experience and retail concept together by creating a more personalised interaction with the customer. The concept has led Volvo Car Switzerland to introduce display solutions in virtually all of its Swiss dealerships to not only support brand values and customer experience but also enabling seasonally, regionally or locally targeted promotions.

Info Tuch-Screen

With the launch of their new XC90 series, Volvo also introduced the new Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) initiative.

Volvo Retail Experience focusses on the space and design of the dealership and is designed to reflect Scandinavian-inspired values of calm, clean lines with ‘cool on the outside and warm on the inside’-style architecture.

The aim of VRE is to create an environment for customers in which high levels of visual transparency are key. Inside the showroom, there is a balanced focus on physical and digital presentation, making sure the sales and service areas are completely integrated to deliver an open, holistic environment.

Following the VRE, the task was to equip 85 showrooms at various locations in Switzerland with a digital display solution that seamlessly fits in with the concept. In cooperation with our integrator ARP Switzerland, we created a customised 55” digital signage totem that matches the style, colour and design scheme at the dealerships. Depending on the location, the totems have been constructed as single or double sided versions, using the latest Samsung 55” PM55F series large format screens.

Info Tuch-Screen

Entertain meets Infotain

For the best picture quality and high brightness in the showroom environment, we choose screens from the Samsung PM-F series, designed for 24/7 operation, while offering non-glare panels for excellent visibility, even under in-store lighting conditions. The screens are also IP5X certified with dust protection that provides proven durability for smooth installations without the need for additional housing.

The technical concept is based on powerful Intel NUC media player from Littlebit Technologies axxiv product range, which with their Intel HD 6000 graphics support amazing HD graphic visuals via the capable YCD C-nario CMS suite and drive two large format displays with individual content simultaneously. We chose 5th generation commercial grade NUC’s due to their 24/7 certification, additional 2.5-inch drive support and 3y life-cycle. With their revolutionary small footprint, powerful Core i5 performance, native dual DP output and high energy efficiency, the NUC was the ideal computing device in terms of space, WLAN connectivity, performance and manageability features like vPro and SCS.

The digital signage systems we set up to enable flexible control, centralised management and scheduling of multimedia content while utilising automated workflows for the different language regions That gives Volvo Car Switzerland more control over the POS materials in its dealerships and can align the marketing content to global Volvo standards. Local dealers have the option to coordinate their individual advertising with any current offers.

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The elegant design hides a powerful technical concept, created for 24/7 operation.

  • Glare-free ultra slim Samsung PM55F 55” Public Displays for a minimalistic look
  • axxiv Intel NUC 5th generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro Multimedia Player packs high performance into a miniature design
  • Clean, professional cable routing
  • YCD Cnario™ content management software

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Utilising YCD’s powerful and feature-rich C-nario Content Management Suite, combined with Intel® NUCs crucial functionality to support most demanding solutions, such as remote manageability, encryption, multiple displays, 4K resolution, and broad third party ecosystem support, we created a setup that provides excellent round the clock stability for the digital signage system.

Axxiv RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) continuously monitors the performance of the system, computing devices, content playout and network performance. Any errors or outages are spotted immediately and fixed via remote access, ensuring a const-efficient central IT management of the complex digital signage installation. An escalation process takes place, should an on-site intervention be required.