Digital Signage solution in the VZ Vermögenszentrum Zürich

VZ Financial Portal Lounge

The VZ VermögensZentrum has opened the first VZ Financial Portal Lounge at their Zurich location. In a casual atmosphere, the investment center intends to provide interested parties with information and free workshops on current financial topics.

The VZ financial portal lounge
An attractive and inviting public space.

Multi-functional Use

  • Continuing education: Events, Workshops
  • Consulting: Customer reception with a view towards service
  • Information: Publication platform for current news

Info Tuch-Screen

Dynamic Communication

Time of day- and event dependent-content:

  • dynamic content based on an XML database
  • current digital information board for events, products and services
  • advertising, eye-catchers during night-time operation

Info Tuch-Screen
Info Tuch-Screen

Centralized control and management

A total of eight screens and three projectors are controlled simultaneously.

Screens are controlled by two rack-mounted axxiv industrial computers. Content is managed by a central content server. The displays are connected to the computer via Cat-5 extender cables.

Implementation according to the principle of virtual displays

The content for the row of displays is implemented through three virtual screens. Thanks to powerful content management software, unlimited virtual screen areas can be defined.

VZ Vermögenszentrum
Videowand 7 Displays: Resolution 1340 x 1080 und Info Display 1920 x 1080

Modular arrangement possibilities

The display arrangement can vary according to the spatial conditions. The universal structure of the content management and control software permits the free composition of display devices as well as content channels.

Besides the pixel-perfect control and synchronization of information, the system structure can be very flexibly scaled and expanded. Information channels can be individually structured and supplemented.

VZ Vermögenszentrum

The VZ financial portal lounge at night - a fascinating atmosphere created by the interaction of displays and projectors

Project integration

AV Ganz AG

Binzstrasse 23 | 8045 Zürich

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