Classic applications of multi-screen technology

Multi-screen solutions for optimized working environments

More and more companies have standardized the use of multiple monitors in parallel, creating a more comfortable working environment for their staff in terms of ergonomics and efficiency. Especially in business areas with computing-intensive or multi-channel content, using multiple monitors has become almost indispensable in order to maintain a better overview of individual information sources.

Typical areas of application are:

  • 3D- & CAD workstations(architecture, mechanical engineering, etc.)
  • Graphics and video-editing workstations
  • Financial services: stockbrokers, stock exchange
  • Insurances
  • Editorial departments and publishers
  • Command & dispatch centers (emergency, train, flight, OMS, etc.)
  • Monitoring centers (process control, etc.)
  • Call-Center
  • Video walls and information/advertising systems in retail outlets, restaurants, transportation industry, etc.