Custom Solution Design

From consultation to implementation

Consultation & Solution Design

We analyze the current situation with you. Based on the results, we present possibilities to you, advise you in the selection of suitable software and hardware, and outline possible solutions.

Besides the technical feasibility, we also consider environmental and economic aspects:

  • keep power consumption at the minimum
  • control hear emissions through optimized ventilation design
  • keep noise emissions low

The main criteria for multi-screen solutions are:

Computing performance

Not all PCs are created equal. While mini-PCs and desktop solutions are optimized and quite sufficient for use in everyday office applications, or as digital signage players, computing-intensive areas such as 3D, CAD, video- and graphics-editing require considerably more power . Computers that are intended to control multiple monitors, for example a video wall, conference infrastructures or command centers, also require corresponding performance parameters.

With our axxiv line of computers, we build systems that fulfill the requirements of the market.

axxiv Industrial PC

Graphics requirements

Multi-screen solutions place special demands on the graphics card. The number of inputs and outputs, the ideal bus architecture for the required graphic quality, the maximum resolution and the compliance with industry standards are all relevant.

axxiv MURA

Ideal output devices

Whether your multi-screen solution is intended for a workstation or a video wall, the monitor must be selected according to the application. Applications that depend on reliable color accuracy require monitors than can be calibrated. For creating a digital world of experience with a video wall, additional indicators are relevant, for example, a vanishingly slim bezel and a narrow design.

NEC MultiSync