Multi-display solutions

Everything at a glance thanks to multi-screen technology

In the case of multi-display solutions, the graphic signal is sent to multiple screens at the same time. This is the case for classic multi-screen workstations, just like in a control room or on an impressive video wall. This may involve parallel display of various applications or one advert that extends across multiple displays.

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Multi-screen technology’s classic area of use


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Multi-screen solutions for optimised work environments

Nowadays, many companies use several monitors as standard at office workstations to create a comfortable work environment for their employees with regard to ergonomics and efficiency. Even in business segments with computationally intensive or multi-channel contents, it is absolutely essential to use multiple screens to maintain a better overview of the individual sources of information.

Typical areas of use include:

  • 3D & CAD workstations (architecture, mechanical engineering, engineering, etc.)
  • Graphic and video editing stations
  • Financial accounting: stock brokers, stock exchange
  • Insurance companies
  • Editorial and publishing houses
  • Command and dispatch centres (emergency call, train, flight, OMS dispatching, etc.)
  • Monitoring centres (process control, steering control, etc.)
  • Call centres
  • Video walls and information / advertising systems in the retail trade, restaurants, transport, etc.

The positive effects of an enlarged screen area


Ergonomically and optimally designed workstations make all processes easier for employees and significantly increase professionalism and productivity.


Thanks to high-performance workstations with the latest processor technology, response times are reduced to a minimum; this evidently increases efficiency.


The silent running of PCs coordinated specifically for use of multi-screen solutions and computationally intensive tasks protects employees from unnecessary noise emissions and ensures a productivity-enhancing atmosphere.


Since the height and tilt can be adjusted using the visually appealing multi-screen bracket, the equipment can be optimally adapted to the employee’s individual needs.


Thanks to long-lasting, highly reliable products, downtimes due to repairs and maintenance are largely eliminated. This ensures smooth work processes.


By using two or more narrow-edged screens, work can take place in parallel with several applications. In practice, in most cases one monitor often displays the entry application, and information applications are launched on the second one. That way, employees always have access to all resources and can respond to and process customer enquiries both efficiently and professionally.