Benefits of multi-screen solutions

The positive effects of an enlarged screen area


Optimally designed ergonomic workstations facilitate employees' work processes and significantly increase professionalism and productivity.


The use of two or more thin bezel monitors facilitates working with multiple applications in parallel. In practice, one monitor usually displays the active input application, while the second displays information applications. This provides users with continuous access to all resources, allowing them to respond to customer questions professionally and efficiently.


Thanks to the height and tilt adjustability of the visually appealing multi-display bracket, monitors can be optimally adjusted to workers' individual requirements.


The quiet operation of PCs that have been specifically designed for use with multiple monitors and computing-intensive tasks protects workers from unnecessary noise emissions and provides a productivity-enhancing atmosphere.


Thanks to high-performance workstations with the latest processor technology, response times are reduced to a minimum, significantly increasing efficiency.


Thanks to durable, extremely reliable products, downtime due to repair and maintenance is almost entirely eliminated. This ensures smooth working processes.