axxiv Managed Services

Dynamically scalable services provided by the Swiss data centre

axxiv is the Swiss brand offering resellers a hybrid service catalogue for future-oriented und scalable IT infrastructures.

Future-oriented IT infrastructures

"Cloud-based services enter the Swiss SME market. Today, Swiss companies are already spending 50% of their IT expenditure on such services."

Cloud-based managed services form the basis for innovative and scalable IT infrastructures. This allows system vendors and specialist retailers to support their corporate customers in their further development. IT resellers meet the needs of their corporate customers by combining services provided by the Swiss data centre and hardware into hybrid IT solutions.

allocation of IT expenditure 2015

Sources IDC Studie „Der IT-Markt in der Schweiz nach Branchen und Unternehmensgrössenklassen, 2014-2019“.

IT-Ausgaben 2015

Simplified customer management through the service management portal

Our service management portal which has been developed specifically for resale purposes concentrates all managed services in a single location. This is both clear and efficient. The portal has been designed with user-friendliness in mind without any unnecessary details.

For specialist retailers, this is an efficient way to add managed services to their own portfolio and to offer their customers the perfect combination of on-premises systems and cloud services.

That’s what it says in the trade press, at least...


Service Management Tool

Centralised management tool

Whatever your business customers’ needs, you can respond at the touch of a button. This single movement is all you need to easily complement your offer with a trustworthy Cloud portfolio.

The services

Cloud storage – Backup and storage in the highly available data centre

Intelligent hybrid solutions for a flexible data storage include a safe cloud storage service within the Swiss data centre. This service supports flexible storage structures for individual employees and groups, and allows access to the data via smartphones, PC or MAC clients.

The data is safe at all times thanks to its encryption during the transfer. In the data centre itself, maximum safety is ensured by an emergency power supply, a fire alarm system, a completely redundant configuration and a three-level access control system.

Hosting exchange – E-mail services on demand

In this way, IT retailers set up professionally maintained e-mail services for their customers in a short period of time. For the mailbox management, they can transfer their administrator rights to their customers but view all changes of the customer in the portal. All modifications are automatically taken into account in the billing on a daily pro rata basis.

Virtual servers – Dynamic IT infrastructure with ultimate stability

Scalable and adequate server performance on a rental basis: A dynamic IT infrastructure provides the necessary flexibility to successful companies. This is particularly important when coping with rapid growth. By means of virtual servers, the required server performance is made available to corporate customers ready for immediate use without having to invest first.

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Reasons for trusting in the data centre located in Central Switzerland:

  • Redundant UPS system
  • Emergency power supply from a diesel generator
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Redundant air conditioning
  • Three-level access control system including badge, fingerprint and PIN code
  • High-resolution video surveillance cameras
  • Area monitoring by security personnel
  • Backup in a geo-redundant data centre
  • Certification to ISO 27001 & DPCO (Swiss Ordinance on Data Protection Certification)

Range of services



Take your customers’ requirements into consideration to the greatest extent possible with the diverse range of services. Offer Cloud storage, exchange services or cost-optimised server-related services and put forward convincing arguments with infinitely variable expansion options.


Effective management

Thanks to the convenient service management tool, you’ve got a clear overview of your customers’ individual services. You manage, scale and settle all the services with minimal effort.

Managed Services

Managed services under your very own label

The hired services mean you don’t need to invest in your very own data centre and can save on many hours spent on maintenance. As an agent, however, you provide your customers with all the services in your name and at competitive prices.

The selling points for you

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Expand in a responsive and infinitely variable manner

Connect another email account or more storage capacity for growing data sets at lightning speed.


Costs under control

Thanks to the virtualisation solutions, you combine growing performance requirements with low operating costs for your customers. Your customers only ever pay for precisely the services they need at any given time.


Guaranteed security

Your customers’ data and applications are stored in the Swiss data centre. The server system is monitored around the clock and on-call service staff rectify any faults before they have any consequences that would impact on service availability. Additionally, all the data is backed up daily to a second data centre in a different location.